Friday, September 19, 2014

Top Beauty Trends You Must Follow on Summer

Beauty trends for summer call for a radiant skin with a dash of colours. While we must swear by 'less is more', it cannot stop us from roving our radars to tap the coolest trends that will rule the beauty box office this season. After all just fresh face and perfect summer outfit is not enough; you need to be on top of the beauty trends as well to put your best face forward.
So, allow us to unveil some hottest beauty trends for summer that all girls must follow.

Get the natural look

Before we give you all the updates on colours and styles, here is a gentle reminder on how to don a perfectly natural look throughout summer. Here are three steps to ace the flawless natural look:

  • Glowing skin
  • Soft eyes
  • Rosy cheeks and lips

Glowing Skin

Cleansing, exfoliating and toning become extremely crucial at this time of the year. Moisturise to keep your skin soft and supple. Do clean your face and remove your makeup before going to bed at night.

Quick tip: Apply a tinted mousse for oily skin and a tinted moisturiser for dry skin.

Rosy cheeks and lips

Choose from baby peach or rose pink powders to dust on the apple of your cheeks like Head and Shoulders brand endorser Kareena Kapoor. Slather on a matte lipstick that is free of shine. To maintain a dewy and radiant day look, warm tones in blush and lip gloss works best.

Quick tip: For selecting colours for lip and cheeks, keep this in mind, pink or peach complement fair skin, dusky women can opt for plum, burgundy or mauve.

Soft Eyes

A natural look begs for simple eyes. Simply apply a nude eyeshadow on your upper lids, mixing it well into your skin, and also dab a little on the lower lids.

Quick tip: A generous dose of mascara and kohl will give the much needed definition to the eyes.

Trending lip colours

Nail the oxblood lip trend with élan. In case you feel it is grabbing too much attention to the extent of making you uncomfortable, then dab on a citrusy orange or a cranberry pink. Bold and luscious lips are in this season, so learn to ace them.

Make sure you steer away from colourless and boring lips. Go in for whimsical and fun colour on the lips, and balance the look by not popping out the eyes. Keep the eyes simple by lining them with a kohl pencil, mascara and a neutral eye shadow.

Pop Eyes

For a wild evening date, play up the eyes by colouring the lids in a fun colour. A soft and mesmerising day look requires you to pick on coloured eyeliner to define the eyes properly.

While winged eyeliner in a shade of blue complementing strawberry lips will look amazing on a movie or lunch date, you must don a black winged eyeliner with lips drenched in coral or crimson for the cocktail hour.

Brave Brows

Fill your brows with an eyebrow pencil in matching colour to your hair to enhance them further. Strong brows have been a hit on the runways and are here to stay.

When you decide to pay all the attention to the brows, apply a nude eye shadow and a pale peach lipstick.

Perfect Plait

No better way to manage your hair than tying them well in a classic or edgy braid. Nourish your hair well so it is easy to tie them into a slightly different braid than the usual ones.

Pick from a variety of fancy accessories to finish out the look perfectly. Opt for soft chignons if you like!

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