Friday, September 12, 2014

Top 12 Unique Uses of Vaseline

The name “Vaseline” instantly reminds us of a thick, white jelly. Though the petroleum jelly has been around since the eighteenth century, it is popularly known only for its moisturising properties. However, Vaseline has more to it. Very few people know of its benefits in other areas.

It is often regarded as a quick-fix remedy for many household worries and homemakers swear by it. Vaseline is a miraculous jelly which can help say farewell to a number of household problems.

Here are some of the unique yet very useful uses of Vaseline. Read on to find more about Vaseline:

Household uses

Applying the petroleum jelly on the insides of a light bulb socket is often a convenient way of getting the bulb easily in and out of the socket.

Now say bye to those freaky expressions on your face after looking at a stuck chewing gum on the underside of your table. Squeeze some Vaseline on the gum, rub it till it starts to disintegrate then remove. The gum will vanish.
Leftover food, spillages, water ring marks on the expensive piece of furniture- causes lot of irritation. Vaseline can easily remove the marks from your furniture. Smear a coat of the jelly and allow it to stand overnight. Wipe it with a clean cloth and see them gone. It’s even an effective way to polish your furniture as well.
A generous coat of the jelly on the insides of the candelabras will also help in taking off those candle wax drippings easily.
Lipstick marks on those cloth napkins can also be easily removed with the petroleum jelly. Dab the spots with Vaseline and wash it. The stains will be miraculously gone in not time.
Having a hard time unscrewing that lid of nail polish bottle? Next time apply a little Vaseline around the rim of its lid and seal. You will never experience the trouble.
Apply a coat of the jelly on the hinges of you doors, cabinets, anywhere where the hinge won’t stay quiet. This will eliminate the noise and ease the movement by acting as an effective lubricant.
Brighten those dull pair of leather shoes with an easy swipe of Vaseline. Rub it with a clean cloth and see it as good as new.
Expensive bags can also be saved by rubbing them with a little Vaseline. The jelly will protect it from dullness, cracks and water damage.
Save your intricate piece of wood work with Vaseline. Just coat petroleum jelly on the places where you don’t want the paint to sneak in. You can later use a paper towel to clean it.
Men can also now keep a jar of Vaseline in their car. A coat of the jelly on your car batteries will keep those white metallic buildups at bay.
Vaseline can be smeared over the CD’s and DVD’s to keep them scratch free. Use a cotton swab with the jelly to fill in the scratches on discs.

Vaseline is a miraculous jelly it is also effective in curing health ailments. It is a therapy for toe nail fungus, to treat moles, heals scars and lend a more adorable looking you – Vaseline does it all! 

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