Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Expert Tips to Get Coloured Smokey Eyes in 5 Minutes

You say a lot by just one look, and that is why guys love to look into your eyes. It is their way of not just expressing their love, but also grasping your thoughts. So, won’t it be great if you could disarm your man with just one look, and make him a captivate him forever? And, what can be better than smokey eyes to hold him captive forever? We know that many of you are at a loss when we talk about smokey eyes, for some it might be too messy to get into while for others it might be done-to-death.
Well, no matter which category you belong to, let us unravel the enigma of this eternal beauty trend called the "smokey eyes" look, and tell you how you can pull off the look effortlessly and with a twist too.

Besides the standard charcoal smokey eyes, today there are the bronzy, burgundy, shimmery gold variations that look equally stunning and super sensuous. This colourful transformation has widened the world of this look further. Now, it can be carried for both night and day outings.

Whether you are going for a day date or an evening soiree, smokey eyes are perfect to give you a diva makeover in minutes. Here are the steps that will make this so easy for you that you will fall in love with it.

1. Blend well 

Start with gently sweeping the eyelids with copper, silver, grey, blue or green eyeshadow. Now, with the help of an eyeshadow brush, apply black eyeshadow on the outer crease of the eyes, and smudge well with a smudge brush. Blend well for a smokey finish, which is long-lasting.

2. Black is bold

Run a deep black eyeliner over your lash line. A gel liner works perfect for this look as it smudges easily and beautifully, giving you the desired look.

3. Go intense

Open up your eyes with two generous coats of mascara. Whether you a pick soft or bold smokey eyes look, mascara is an indispensable part of this look. It not just makes your lashes look thick and smouldering, but also gives them a sensuous feel.

4. High definition

One thing that flatters the Indian eyes most gracefully is kohl. The sultry smokey eyes are incomplete without a sharp and defining line of kohl on your lower lash line. It makes them look big and beautiful, in no time.

Hot Tip: To make small eyes look larger, apply a white eye pencil along the inner rim of your lash line.

Now, this is not too complicated or boring, is it? So, use this very simple, do-it-yourself (at home) smokey eyes trick, as you get ready for that special outing this weekend. 

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